Saturday, October 25, 2014

United HealthCare Refuses to Pay for Outpatient Mental Health Services

After numerous appeals to United HealthCare (an oxymoronic company described as a "medicare advantage company' by medicare (CMS: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and supported by American Tax Payers----A PRIVATE COMPANY), I am told that outpatient mental health services will not be paid for associated with a client of mine who was LIED TO by this worthless company when he changed from Medicare to United healthcare....all the while being assured that he would be benefited mental health outpatient mental health services----which he had advised them was a 'deal breaker.' 

They don't care. They simply lie. 

Now the client has a huge bill from his psychiatrist.  And I am told that as associated with a 'Waiver of Liability Statement' which I was demanded to sign in order to submit my appeal, that I may not submit my bill to the client whom I advised prior to signing up for any worthless Medicare Advantage company rather than Medicare. 

Maximus Federal, who CLAIMS to "WE WORK FOR MEDICARE" (their bold on the side bar of a letter to me), indicates that as I was 7 days past the 60 day limit to file an appeal...after billing and billing and appealing----that they side with United healthcare---who is supported by American tax payers.  This private company----just like Humana---another Medicare Advantage plan company---has an administrative oversite fee of 18% of better whileas efficient medicare has an administrative oversite fee of <5 p="">
We are a nation of duped people.  We support private companies who ream us with our own tax dollars---all the time believing what they say---which is that they will pay for outpatient mental health care. 


So why the hell do we put up with them?  I swear...the next time I see that United healthcare van driving around Asheville, NC, I might be inclined to put on my non-reflective Ninja suit and pull out my black spray paint and make a point.  


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