Monday, July 29, 2013

NC HB 937: Its Total War Now w/ the NC Republican Led State Legislature:Featured on Colbert Report 7.29.2013

Well, let's see: what have we gotten since McCrory, former Mayor of Charlotte, became Governor of NC----joining ranks w/ Republicans in control of the NC State Legislature: 

1. No expansion of Medicaid, w/ so many people w/o health insurance in a state w/ one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. 

2. cut-back of unemployment benefits in terms of length of time of benefits as well as amount.

3. screwing around w/ abortion rights which is related to the ability of NC women to choose and decide the direction of their lives (all the while being dependent upon being able to obtain birth control pills which is related to non-expansion of Medicaid)...

...and now this...allowing people to carry concealed weapons onto (at least) college campuses.  

Here is a right-wing nut-job (hey: I can say this: people w/ guns can kill themselves and other people: one of the first questions a psychologist asks is: DO YOU OWN ANY GUNS? 


http: ://

".....Supported by GRNC, however, Rep. Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus, ****) threatened a floor fight to return the measure. As pressure from gun owners and his own caucus continued to build, Tillis eventually tasked Reps. Jacqueline Schaffer (R-Mecklenburg, ****) and Justin Burr (R-Montgomery, Stanly, ****) to draft a bill containing restaurant carry, state parking lots and limited campus carry (universities only). To Tillis’ credit, he and Rules Chair Rep. Tim Moore (R-Cleveland, ****) whisked it through the chamber, avoiding weakening amendments....."


My letter to recently gerymandered NC State Representative (R) Tim Moffitt: 

FROM: Marsha V. Hammond, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, NC
e mail:  cell: 828 772 5197

Office:2119 Legislative Building
Legislative Mailing Address:NC House of Representatives
16 W. Jones Street, Room 2119
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

RE: HB 937 allowing concealed weapons on playgrounds and schools

July 29, 2013

Dear Tim Moffiff (R; Buncombe): 

I guess I have to find out what the Republican-led NC State Legislature is doing from other sources.  Certainly, no sanity is in play re: the passage of HB 937, as featured this evening on The Colbert Report, outlining how that Republicans have passed a bill which allows the carrying of concealed weapons to playgrounds and school campuses.  

Do you have any idea how many times I ask clients---who have been referred to me---- if they have a gun in their homes? Do you understand that this is a standard question that Veteran's Administration psychologists, such as I, are trained to ask of patients?  Can you imagine what it is like to ask a patient's husband if he has 'found' all the gun shells in the house with which his wife may kill herself? Can you entertain what it is like to treat a patient who has been referred by a local psychiatrist because----out of desperation---he pulled a gun on his wife and then himself?  Can you imagine a family under significant stress wherein the mom puts a gun in her mouth? 

Well, then, sir: you might imagine how DETRIMENTAL it is to make MORE GUNS available for people in a state that has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. 

I am disgusted by the non-expansion of Medicaid; the cutting of unemployment benefits; the strikes against women who are seeking to determine their lives as associated with fake and misogynistic laws that limit abortion rights----and now an expansion of concealed weapons.  

It is the Republican led NC State Legislature that needs psychotherapy. I'm sure your insurance is pretty good and so give me a call when your conscience pricks you as you consider what harm you are doing to the citizens of NC. 


Marsha V. Hammond, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, NC



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