Thursday, April 26, 2007

CHAOS REIGNS: Give your requested feedback to Carmen Hooker Odom & Mike Mosley

Some people think that students no longer learn to write right. Hooker Odom and Mosley prove the point that these difficulties have been in place for a long time.

They are soliciting YOU for your feedback as per the anxiously awaited
'State Sets Final Community Support Services Rate' Comments can be sent to: Debbie Crane, Director, Public Affairs Office 101 Blair Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603(919)733-9190 FAX (919)733-7447

(Seriously) : If you really want them to receive the feedback, contact Mike Arnold, the liason at Lt Gov Perdue's office: (my comments in bold/ in parentheses). Will she run for governor with the millstone of Odom around her neck? Naw: that's Easley's legacy:

"......The state has tightened up the way use of CS will be reviewed. Those changes include: * Post-payment reviews will be conducted for all CS recipients whoreceive more than 12 hours of service a week. Findings that serviceshave been provided improperly could result in legal action. (yeah, we're all eager to run toward that) .....

The claim of any recipient for an increase in CS will be flagged and reviewed for clinical appropriateness. The state has proposed other changes that are currently out for a 45-day comment period. Those proposed changes include: Prior approval will be required for all CS services, except for an initial 8-hour review by a qualified professional such as a psychologist to ensure that CS is the proper service. (1. my fee 'as a psychologist' is $100/hr; that's what Medicaid pays me; 2. that means no emergency services as they are part of Community Support; 3. to the LME's: please release the Endorsed Providers from their 24/7/365 contracts)

For adults, the maximum amount of CS that will be approved is no more than 15 hours a week. (wait a minute: I sense the hand of fate upon us: 15 hours is 3 more than 12: that gets you some 'legal action')


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