Sunday, November 02, 2008

McCrory will go in on the basis of Perdue constantly talking about the need for MORE MENTAL HEALTH PAPERWORK

You're going down, Perdue. And this should make the NC Dem party think long and hard about how to reign in a governor who can't do his work----which was the case w/ Easley and MH Reform. Perdue didn't listen and gave no indication of any flexibility re: what needed to take place other than she would act like a CEO and give us some more paperwork in the form of case-management. Woooweee: we've got plenty of those CEO's around.

Surprise, surprise: NC voters can think for themselves and outside the boxes associated w/ political parties.

Here's one hard left Dem who voted for McCroy.

It'll be Obama; Hagan; McCrory. Nesbitt will stay in but R.L. Clark, who late at night walked the halls of Broughton Psychiatric Hospital in Morganton----but who is sorely lacking in social skills----would have been a good candidate.

I suggest to the NC Dem Party that they pay attention to mental health reform and its progress or lack thereof.


Tight races draw high interest - Charlotte,NC,USA

“I've never seen a paid staffer for any national campaign in Yancey County,” says Paul Feldman, 46, a mental health counselor in Burnsville. ...
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"....Real Clear Politics, a polling clearinghouse, shows Democrats Obama and Hagan with slight leads, though both within the margin of error. But it also shows McCrory, the Republican, with a slight edge over Perdue.

“Given the nature of the year, which is clearly Democratic, and given that the governor's mansion has been Democratic for a long time, it's very surprising to see Lt. Gov. Perdue in such a tight race,” says Debnam, of the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling....."


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