Thursday, November 13, 2008

What other LME's have Basic Level Services?: Five County LME: no one available to answer a ?

The same thing happens when you call Western Highlands Network LME. The operator sits in the front of the office, behind a window, and has no idea who is around. Just another barrier to finding cures for NC's mental health care woes:


Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Licensed Psychologist: NC
fax: 828 254 2013 e mail:

November 13, 2008: 1:35 pm, Thursday afternoon

Hi and thanks for your article, specifically, "Local legislators prepare to balance budget."

In particular, my internet bot picked it up re: mental health, which I write about at my blog,

I wanted to ask someone at the LME associated w/ your area if there are Basic Level Services but alas, after 3 tries via the operator, I could speak to no one at the LME.

$$$ can be saved if Basic Level Services, such as is used by Western Highlands Network LME, authorizes. The other LME in western NC, Smoky Mountain Center LME, does not have Basic Level Services and there are all kinds of holes in mental health due, in part, to that matter. Please see my blog for more info.

The same thing happens when I call Western Highlands Network LME. Its easier to get in my car and drive up there than it is to find a live person when you call the operator.

24 Hour Helpline 1-877-619-3761 : nope: no one available to answer my question.

Thanks for your reporting.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD


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