Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Formal complaint filed w/ DHSR re: opening of Family Care Home resident's mail: people w/ mental health challenges w/o civil rights

I have sent off paperwork today re: filing a complaint associated with the following statement within the NC Family Care law:



10A NCAC 13G .0906 OTHER resident SERVICES

(1) Residents shall receive their mail promptly and it must be unopened unless there is a written, witnessed request authorizing management staff to open and read mail to the resident. This request must be recorded on Form DSS‑1865, the Resident Register or the equivalent;


I had a client living in WNC Family Care Homes, Asheville, NC 28801, whose mail was intercepted by Jeff Clifton as he paraded the letter at DSS Buncombe meeting on March 16, 2009. Heckuva job, Jeff, giving yourself away like that.

Onto the HIPAA violations tribunal.

The letter had been sent to the client in order to present it to Pisgah Legal Services. I was asking Pisgah Legal Services to assist him in terms of he petitioning the court to become his own legal guardian.

As per that Release of INformation form, Pisgah Legal Services is the ONLY 'to obtain from' entity listed on the Release of INformation form signed by the client & myself.

I suppose that DHSR and DSS Buncombe will go over there; ask the client did you receive your letter; he will state no but Dr. Hammond handed me a copy; and they will do WHAT?

Well, so sorry, Dr. Hammond, we couldn't verify that anything took place.

(HELLOOOO Jeff Clifton and other Family Care Home administrators and your lobbying group reading me e mails which I am purposefully putting on my blog).

cc: DisabilityRights NC: Lead attorney: "John Rittelmeyer attny disabili rights " <john.rittelmeyer@disabilityrightsnc.org>


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