Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where is information re: rating the Family Care Homes where thousands of people w/ mental health challenges promised by Governor Perdue?

Where are the promised records & ratings on the Family Care Homes where tens of thousands of disabled NC citizens w/ mental health challenges live?

I am familiar w/ this family care home, previously known as Evergreen, Country Time Place, Leicester, NC. It is no longer and has not been Evergreen since August, 2008. Yet, it is named by its old name, Evergreen, as associated with the date of this inspection: Annual Inspection Date: 08-Jan-09 which is online.

Here is the supposed rating information. Where is it? There's nothing there online:

What is the rating of '3' referring to? There is no information.

It has 40+ residents in very rural western NC.

The rating site associated w/ NC DHHS, specifically, DHSR, indicates it has a '3' (out of a max of '5') but there is no information as to how a '3' was derived.

Under the old owners, 'Evergreen', the Supervisors in Charge of the various houses were dismissed repeatedly for stealing the residents' medications. The residents went without food. The garbage didn't get picked up.

Then the management changed to WNC Homes who has banned this psychologist from being able to provide professional services to the residents at their home which is in isolated western NC.

The reason for calling the Buncombe county sherriff on me when I was in the middle of a therapy session? Because I was working w/ the client to see where their PNA, Personal Needs Allowance, the whopping $40 left over from the 98% usage of their disability checks for room/ board/ some occasional transportation----disappeared to.

I have filed multiple formal complaints to the Complaint Intake Unit and have no information back on that matter.

I sat thru a 2 hour meeting at DSS Buncombe (they reportedly are supposed to enforce matters re: the family care home law) this past Monday, March 16, 2009, only to see the Family Care Home Buncombe DHSR regulatory people sit on their hands, not saying a word about the clinical psychologist being banned from rendering professional services.

There was nothing regulatory about their behavior.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Clinical Licensed Psychologist, Asheville, NC
see regulatory information that is supposedly in place:

N.C. public records on Internet, study says, but some hard to find

Published: March 15, 2009

RALEIGH - North Carolina is among the best states at posting public records on the Internet, but some information is often hard to find, infrequently updated or not entirely available, according to an analysis by The Associated Press released today.........


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