Sunday, September 06, 2009

Medicare's Telemedicine doesn't work if you don't have a computer w/ a camera

Well, I talked to an employee of CIGNA Government Services which oversees Medicare for NC; TN; ID (weird, true) this past week. I had asked someone in Medicare, via e mail, to advise me of how this telemedicine business works given that you are supposed to have a 'camera' or some similar device associated w/ the computer or other mechanism in order to provide Medicare clinical services.

Grand hoo-ha: Medicare! It now provides telemedicine!....particularly useful for people in isolated rural areas!

Ahem: most indigent clients don't have computers much less cameras linked to them.

You guessed it: telemedicine is non-existent for most people who could benefit from it----those living in isolated rural areas.

Rich people have other insurance in addition to Medicare.

And when Congress gets through working over the 'public option' the 'public' won't have access to Medicare EITHER.