Wednesday, February 18, 2015

'American Sniper' killer: 'there was the smell of shit in the air...or sweet cologne'

How hard this trial must be for Chris Kyle's wife...or friends and/ or spouses of Chad Littlefield.  How hard this must be on Eddie Routh's family.  His mother testified on Feb 17, 2015 for over an hour in the Erard County courthouse 30 or so minutes from Ft. WorthTX.  Ms. Routh spoke of how she simply was trying to get help for her son who had morphed from 'happy go lucky' to 'very serious',hyper vigilant, and 'very cautious

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chris Kyle of 'American Sniper' fame killed to crank a VA Service Connection

There is no other way to outline this matter other than to say its a tragedy with Shakespearean dimensions. The killer of Chris Kyle ("American Sniper") and Chad Littlefield obtained VA Service Connection benefits ONLY after he gunned down the two men February 2, 2013.   Since 2011 Eddie Routh, whom, after the killings drove to his uncle's house near Stephenville TX, stating he was "driving a dead man' struck" had filed for Service Connection VA disability benefits multiple times after attacks of rage, arrests,homicidal and suicidal threats on his family and girlfriend, and multiple psychiatric admissions to the Dallas VA.  He was granted a VA Service Connection of approximately $3000/ month tax free with a lump sum payment of approximately $30,000 which his mother reportedly used as a down payment for a house. There were no winners in this tragedy of epic proportions though the judge in Erard County TX admonished the killer's mother to be prepared to return all monies associated with the Service Connection the afternoon of February 17,2015 after he dismissed the jury in order to speak to all others in the court room.