Thursday, February 04, 2010

NCMJ: 'Trickle Down' Blew Past the MH Providers w/ Their Fingers in the Leaky Holes:thanks for all you do

accepted to the North Carolina Medical Journal:

on the matter of working w/ the Severely Persistently Mentally Ill vis a vis the role of the mental health provider sanguinely holding their finger in the leaking holes:

NC Med J November/December 2009, Volume 70, Number 6

Readers’ Forum

".....A bittersweet moment took place several years ago inwestern North Carolina as former director of MHDDSAS,Michael Moseley was speaking to a small audience atWestern Carolina University, describing the emperor’s newclothes in terms of how well North Carolina mental healthreform was moving along. This was the same day that thelargest private company, which insured 10,000 for mentalhealth care, was collapsing two counties over.

The chaotic churn of the disinvestment, which could havebeen anticipated but not avoided after the fact, coupledwith the refusal or inability of the LME’s utilization reviewdepartments to authorize and reimburse for mental healthcare for uninsured, state-funded clients as rendered bywilling, independent providers, has not just dissuaded me,but blocked me from working with this patient population.

One of the original tenets of North Carolina mentalhealth reform, which sits at the heart of insurance policiesassociated with choice of providers, is to support thelivelihood of the smaller providers who work outside themainstream currents.

While the Journal’s issue was devotedto blocks of providers, be they within private, for-profitcompanies, or working at free clinics, bear in mind theusefulness of providers who have their limited number offingers plugged into the holes of the dyke.

Marsha V. Hammond, PhD,Licensed Psychologist"


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