Monday, March 08, 2010

NJ Psych Assoc pins BCBS up against the wall in lawsuit: 50cents on the $$ spent on administrative costs/ case management

I just sent in an application to join the NJ Psychological Association. They seem to realize that 'case management'----which Community Support Services which WAS hands-on direct contact w/ citizens having mental health concerns-----is a silly way to spend money. Nevertheless, Community Support Services is now only case management.

There is no direct contact w/ people who have mental health challenges utilizing a case management strategy which was the PLATFORM that Governor Beverly Perdue ran on!

And now we have proof that case management consumes up to 50 cents/ on the $$ re: mental health treatment.

Contrarily, the NC Psychological Association has done nothing to address mental health reform issues and given that 2100 NJ psychologists have been willing to say something about the matter of diminished authorizations by BCBS and other private companies I'm perfectly willing to throw my weight behind them.

HURRAH for the NJ Psychological Association!

Here is the past president speaking on MSNBC about the matter:

And here is the website associated w/ citizens speaking out about these matters: A Project of the New Jersey Psychological Association - © New Jersey Psychological Association

Mental illness is a significant clinical and economic burden.

Psychotherapy reduces utilization of medical care and saves money.

Case management of mental health services wastes money and threatens patient privacy.

"...Case management of mental health services wastes money and threatens patient privacy. • According to an independent audit, up to 50% of every dollar devoted to outpatient mental health care by behavioral management providers is spent on case management, administration and profits rather than on direct patient care. In contrast, a typical medical HMO requires only 13% for administration and profits, and Medicare manages to oversee its program for 5%.7 ..."

And you can register your complaints about the insurance industry here:


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