Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Associated Press: Early Retirees to Qualify for Medicaid under ObamaCare (plz, let's have another name)


I want some Medicaid. I haven't been able to afford any health insurance for over a year and a half. BCBSNC was charging my husband and adolescent son, all w/ excellent health histories, over $700/ month w/ a $2500 deductible. And surely NC Mental Health Reform is going to make me want to retire early.

Whoa, what's this? An effort to have 'ONE PROVIDER'?

We can only hope. But wait! Of COURSE, ".... Republicans already see a problem...."

Quick: make obscure the loophole, just as the Republicans have done re: corporate taxation.

How about the common people get a little taste of Congress's health care benefits? hmmm?

"......"The fact that this is being discovered now tells you, what else is baked into this law?" said Leavitt, who served as Health and Human Services secretary under President George H.W. Bush. "It clearly begins to reveal that the nature of the law was to put more and more people under eligibility for government insurance."

The Medicare actuary's office roughed out some examples to illustrate how the provision would work. A married couple retiring at 62 in 2014 and receiving the maximum Social Security benefit of $23,500 apiece could get $17,000 from other sources and still qualify for Medicaid with a total income of $64,000.

That $64,000 would put them at about four times the federal poverty level, which for a two-person household is $14,710 this year. The Medicaid expansion in the health care law was supposed to benefit childless adults with incomes up to 133 percent of the poverty level. A fudge factor built into the law bumps that up to 138 percent.

The actuary's office acknowledged its $64,000 example would represent an unusual case, but nonetheless the hypothetical couple would still qualify for Medicaid. ...."


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