Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 NC Democrats are Poised to Vote Down Perdue's Veto of Budget Which Republicans Created, Slaughtering Medicaid

Governor Bev Perdue of NC wisely vetoed the budget bill created by NC Republicans whom have, as an agenda, to push NC to 49th in terms of funding for education and to further decimate NC Medicaid. Support the governor's veto by calling or sending e mail to these Democratic Representatives whom are poised to go along with the Republican agenda of smashing schools and NC Medicaid.

The VOTE is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

These are the Democratic Party representatives whom are purportedly leaning towards voting to smash schools' budgets and further undo NC Medicaid. I called them and hope you will also:

William.Brisson@ncleg.net: Bladen, Cumberland, counties
Jim.Crawford@ncleg.net: Granville, Vance counties
Dewey.Hill@ncleg.net: Brunswick, Columbus counties
Bill.Owens@ncleg.net: Camden, Currituck, Pasquotank, Tyrrell counties
Timothy.Spear@ncleg.net: Chowan, Dare, Hyde, Washington counties

Here is the referenced information about the above:

Tell the Party of Five to support the Governor

By Action NC (Contact)

To be delivered to: Representative William D. Brisson, Representative James W. Crawford, Jr., Representative Dewey L. Hill, Representative Bill Owens and Representative Timothy L. Spear

....If passed as written, this budget will cut millions from public education, cripple our public health services, and badly damage public infrastructure for years to come. These five Democrats are all that stands between North Carolina and this horrible budget. We need them to understand the damage they could cause and tell them we expect better from our representatives.


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