Thursday, May 05, 2011

What To Expect Per the Medicaid Waiver Endorsed by NC DHHS and In Place at WHN & PBH LME's

I was curious if the other LME whom is engaged in the 'its a done deal' NC DHHS Medicaid Waiver, Piedmont Behavioral Health----all the way over in eastern NC (you don't want people to be able to organize and riot together due to their physical proximity)-----also had an 18 page provider application.

They sure do! But its not the same 18 pages! They require different information than the 18 page WHN LME network!

Moreover, here's something I bet providers over there may or may not know and this portends what is to happen here: its a closed network and as it is right now, as per Haley, in administration at PBH, they don't want no more stinkin' LCSW's (to use film-maker John Houston's phrasing). They sure want psychologists but do psychologists want them?

Moreover, as per my question to Haley, about things like, "Why are you asking me to fill out paperwork about my internship and post-doctoral work", etc., etc., etc.,----when the NC Licensing Board would not license me if I had not had those things: she stated, "well, the licensing board indicates that you're licensed but we don't know if you had the internship because they won't answer that question."

Great! Mounting piles of duplicitous paperwork and no hand looking to see what the other one has or does. It sure looks like it makes jobs for the LME's that have no contact w/ the patients though!

Can we PLEASE have a uniform application for professional providers as per this Medicaid Waiver process?

As one of my supervisors of my documented 2000 hour INTERNSHIP, prior to my 2000 hour POST-DOC year----- said as I exited my experience there: "Pray for your Profession." That was 15 years ago. I think initiating blood sacrifice rites would be in order now.


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