Monday, June 13, 2011

Medicare Will Be The Game-Changer : APA Recognizes Psychologists' Role in Creating Healthcare Networks

The following was just sent out by the American Psychological Association as associated w/ their 'looking ahead' regarding the coordination of health care amongst providers. Already, as associated with Humana cients, whose mental health care has been outsourced to a company in Irving, TX, called LifeSynch, clients must fill out forms indicating a release to coordinate health care between this psychologist and their primary care physician and other health care providers. Finally, we are beginning to get the bigger picture as associated with patient health care being coordinated so that health care providers can all be on the same page. This is a very positive move. See this URL for that letter from APA to the (federal) Department of Health & Human Services.
Comments call for psychologists’ inclusion in ACOsAPA Chief Executive Officer Norman B. Anderson, PhD, and APA Executive Director for Professional Practice Katherine C. Nordal, PhD, urge inclusion of clinical psychologists as participants in Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)By Government Relations Staff


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