Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Confusion for Medicare Providers With Unprocessed Claims From CIGNA Gov't Services Transfer to Palmetto GBA Managing NC Medicare

If you had any unresolved claims left in the lurch, as I did (gee: wonder why I never heard back from CIGNA Government Services in the 30 days they stated they would contact me) when CIGNA Government Services lost their contract earllier this year (did I say this before: We need a ONE PROVIDER SYSTEM) to process Medicare Part B Claims for Mental Health, make note that Executive Kay Cretch (the only number you can find on the internet associated w/ CIGNA Goverment Services for NC anymore), after asking 'how did you get this number', states that all this information was 'supposedly' 'given' to Palmetto GBA which now process NC Medicare claims.

So, don't bother calling the old CIGNA Government Services tel number which is on the paperwork of your non-processed claim (866 238 9651), for its been disconnected. You can read Kay Cretch of CIGNA whom will 'walk upstairs' (no, I'm not kidding; her number: 615 782 4525) your question so that someone can call you back and the machine will tell you only that OH and KY providers need bother calling.

For NC Providers, as regards Medicare claims, you now call
Palmetto GBA
J11 Mac
Mailcode GM-215
POB 100238
Columbia, SC 29202-3238

at the 866 830 3043.

Have your NPI, PCAN (Medicare Provider Number) and ever other piece of paper you can think of ready.


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