Saturday, July 23, 2011

With the Loss of Teachers in NC, We're Going To Need More Mental Health Grants for Kids in School

Gee: wouldn't it be great if other counties had such a program. This one is associated w/ Henderson County in Western NC.

The loss of teachers next year is exemplified here re: Cateret County in eastern NC.

What I know is that 'the best' school counselor at Asheville High School left for a Texas job; the dance teacher has been 'ushered out' after 30 years; and, the American history teacher took a hike also. This is just details from what I know as re: my 16 yr old son at Asheville HS.
The 'hit' to NC public education as associated w/ the Republican driven NC state legislature is massive. See, for example:

".....Using an N.C. Public Instruction PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Novey outlined the effects on the school system of a projected $3.7 billion state budget shortfall and the loss of more than $1 million in federal stimulus funds.

The bottom line would be the loss of 92 positions, of which about 80 are teachers and teacher assistants. This would result in larger class sizes and possible loss of programs.

Dr. Novey has posted the PowerPoint presentation on the school system’s website:
. He also urged citizens to contact their state representatives to urge them to retain education funding....."


Grant establishes mental health wellness program for North Carolina students
JULY 19, 2011
New program investigates students' mental wellnessFor academic success to occur, it sometimes becomes necessary to meet the emotional needs of students first. According to the Citizen-Times, Henderson County schools in North Carolina recently received a federal grant that will establish mental health counseling for local students.

"I think a lot of kids wouldn't seek services outside of school," Tammy Greenwell, chief operating officer for Blue Ridge Community Health Services, told the media outlet.

The Henderson County grant, which totals $160,000, is part of a $95 million mental wellness program established by the Affordable Act, reported the news provider.

For some students, it may be difficult to speak their minds. Accordingly, counselors may want to engage them in innovative ways and use educational technology, such as a mental wellness computer program, a therapeutic robot or a DLP projector, to make them feel comfortable.

"The school and family health program allows the students and members of the community in those areas access to primary family care they would not have had access to otherwise," Chuck Shelton, Bakersville Community Medical Clinic administrator, told the Citizen Times.


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