Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Smoky Mountai Center LME Sets Medicaid Waiver Deadline of July 1, 2012 and Yet Providers Cannot Easily Communicate with the Provider Relations Department

FROM: Marsha V. Hammond, PhD

Clinical / Health Psychology

NC Licensed Psychologist

cell: 828 772 1127

e mail:

TO: Provider Relations, Smoky Mountain Center LME

RE: ?'s re: LIP checklist

DATE: 6.13.2012

Dear Provider Relations, inclusive of Bryan Hardie and Kimberly Pearce:

Yesterday, I sent an e mail to Mr. Hardie and Ms. Pearce asking about this transcript specifically. I have no reply. Today at noon I asked the SMC operator to put me through to anyone in Provider Relations. They've all gone to lunch, she indicated. I left a message for Stephanie asking the below questions.

I asked about the matter of why is an "Official college transcript" being required as associated with this credentialing process. I am a licensed psychologist; the NC Psychology Licensing board already reviewed my "Official college transcript" years ago. Indeed, any Licensed Independent Practitioner or LIP would have had this take place. WHN LME removed this requirement when I asked them about it last summer.

Relatedly, when I do a 'search' at your site, specifically,", using the descriptor "Official College Transcript" I see no information; so I guess no one has asked this question and/ or it has not been addressed.

I ask the question as re: the difficulty and time-consuming process of obtaining the "Official College Transcript." This entails at least the following steps: 1. sending an official request to the university, along with a check, in order to have the transcript sent. 2. waiting for that to happen. 3. the transcript is sent, untethered to the application, to someone at SMC LME-MCO 4. the transcript is lost and never meets up with the application. Repeat.

I really would like to know why you cannot remove this requirement. If the licensing board had not reviewed this, I would not be licensed. Ditto re: any LIP.

Is there no standardization as associated with this Medicaid waiver for providers who have been working with Medicaid clients for years----given that the first LME to undergo the knife of the Medicaid Waiver, WHN LME, removed this onerous requirement?

Here is my second question: Item 6 on the LIP Enrollment Checklist requires: "Two SMC Provider Evaluation Forms or two Letters of Professional Reference dated within the last six months. At least one of the references must be from a like-licensed practitioner."

I searched at the same querying site as per the above, using the descriptor "Provider Evaluation Forms" and nothing came up. I went over to the Provider section of the SMC LME portal, as associated with providers, specifically,, and looked at the tab "Forms and Other Documents." There is no 'form' as associated with this mandatory Item 6.

Moreover, I do not know any other psychologists associated with SMC LME though I have been practicing in Haywood county for 10 years. You indicated that you must have a reference from "at least one of the references must be from a like-licensed practitioner." Will a psychiatrist do?

Third question: Item 8 on the LIP enrollment checklist: mandated "Copy of Curriculum Vitae.....must account for any gaps of 180 calendar days." If I state that I have been working as an Independent Provider since 2002, is there any difficulty re: that statement?

Thank you for quickly answering my questions as we are all up against your deadline of July 1, 2012 when you have stated you will close your network even though DMA has stated that the network will remain open "at least one year" as associated with putting into place this Medicaid waiver.

Marsha Hammond, PhD


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