Thursday, June 28, 2012

This is What Smoky Mountain Center LME Requires for Medicaid Providers to Fill Out so THEY CAN CONTINUE BEING PAID TO SEE THEIR MENTALLY ILL MEDICAID CLIENTS

These are the items that are required by SMC LME in order that one CONTINUE to be paid to be a Medicaid Provider, which I have been for about 10 years.  Read the list and understand why Medicaid will have few providers. I don't know of another psychologist under SMC LME.  Not ONE. The only one I knew, upon hearing about mental health reform back in 2003 or so, explained to me that she was "moving back to Florida....I can see where this is going."

1. 20 page form associated with items you already inserted on the demanded CV; you have to type in "N/A" about 100 times. This is expected as per the directions to the darn thing.

2. copy of your psychologist license, current
3. copy of any other psychologist licenses you have had
4. your college transcript
5. CV
6. 2 letters of reference from 'similar' professionals
7. 2 page checklist that MUST be filled out
8. W-9 IRS form
9. face page of malpractice insurance.

Medicaid already has all this information on me, either directly or indirectly, as associated with being a licensed psychologist. So WHY do these LME's have to recreate the wheel in this hellish manner, over and over again?

But WAIT: this is the good news.....that you get to fill out all these forms at one time. 

For, in order to CONTINUE TO BE A MEDICAID PROVIDER for Western Highlands Network LME, you have to jump thru one hoop of forms.....wait....wait....fingers drumming on the table.....wait....

I still haven't moved through all the steps at WHN LME in order to be an 'In Network' provider. 

So, I ask you: as the LME's eye each other, salivating on eating each other alive, which LME do you think will consume the other?  I'm betting that SMC LME will consume WHN LME for at least we only had to turn in the forms one damn time. 

Wait, that's not true: when mental health reform started in western NC, we did all of this SEVERAL YEARS AGO in order to see state funded clients. 

You think they kept that paperwork? Naw.


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