Saturday, April 28, 2007

'When Journalism Became Transcription and Reporting Disappeared': BRING ON THE OP-EDS

"....To call the media's complicity in the Iraq War a conspiracy is an insult to conspiracies, because it wasn't hidden - as Moyers shows, it was all out there for everyone to see. The problem was, Beltway reporters didn't want to see it. As New York Times White House correspondent Elisabeth Bumiller famously admitted, in the lead up to war most self-respecting Washington journalists who wanted to stay on the White House Christmas card list refused to ask tough questions because "no one wanted to get into an argument with the president...." ( as associated with Bill Moyer's special: APRIL 25, 2007: "Buying the War" ;

To paraphrase the matter : To call the news services coverage of Hooker Odom's defunding of Community Services shallow, poorly researched, and one-sided does not capture what has taken place. Journalists have given 'frequent flyer' bonus points to repeat sources throughout NC news services, in particular a range of state officials all serving Hooker Odom. The tough talk of 'we'll get those bad apples' is repeated by every source---and wolfed down by journalists. Mental health emergency services never gets any coverage, though it is part of the defunded Community Support lynch-pin service. (Apparently, recent mass murdering is already yesterday's news). Determinations of Community Support hours (understandably) reflects the models of the companies represented by the '20 Community Support Providers' invited to sit and sup with Mosley and Hooker Odom at the table of determining their own companies compensation and needs---as well as ours. This is just as revealing at this state level as the media's complicity in covering the run-up to the Iraq War.


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