Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Across NC, people are beginning to see the light re: the warehousing of citizens w/ mental health issues living in Family Care Homes

From the FayObserver with a statement from a member of NAMI Moore county pertaining to her schizophrenic son who lives in a Family Care Home:


"In addition, many mental health patients are being lumped into facilities with the elderly or people with developmental disabilities, said Laura Gingerich, a board member of NAMI-Moore County.Gingerich’s son, who suffers from schizophrenia, is in an assisted-living home, where most of the patients are elderly. Fran Stark, also a board member and pastor for two churches in the county, said it’s a common problem. Stark, who has begun an outreach program for the mentally ill, said several members of the program are mentally ill and living in assisted-living or nursing homes. “Assisted living was designed for geriatric care,” she said. “That’s what the staff is trained for.” Lancaster agreed that mentally ill patients traditionally have been placed in adult-care homes because of a lack of housing. "


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