Thursday, July 28, 2011

NC Medicare Transfer Confusion: It Does Not Matter That You Sent In Your Palmetto NC Medicare Paperwork Ages Ago

When CIGNA Government Services assumeably lost its bid to continue managing NC Medicare, it was transferred to PalmettoGBA (whatever that stands for: here is their home page:

I sent in all my paperwork to Palmetto months ago, transferring my Medicare provider information. At least they send you paper remittances which CIGNA stopped doing about 8 months ago which was really unhelpful because then you could not see, easily, if some of your claims had problems and address the issue. Instead, you had to go online and peck around.

Even though there are paper remittances, there is still massive confusion in the system due to the transfer between CIGNA and Palmetto.

As per the personnel on the phone at Palmetto a moment ago, they have been managing NC Medicare for over 30 days now. However, when you call up the IT - Tech Services arm of the company, make note that of the 8 options, for there is not one referring to 'NC' as per that tel number: 1 866 749 4301. So, pick any one of them; I picked the 1st one' Trailblazers.' That will take you to an IT person who, if you're lucky, will tell you that your registration that you just created at the home page in order to access documents to do business w/ Palmetto, 'does not work' or there is some problem and that he will 'send it back to provider services and they should send you an e mail within 24-48 hours.'

Great. There's nothing like the ease of doing one's work.

These are all just barriers to health care. We need a ONE PAYER SYSTEM.

The IVR (automatic voice response system: I haven't even tried that yet to see if anything works) is: 888 414 8592.


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