Saturday, July 30, 2011

NC Disability Rights' Vicki Smith: NC Mental Health Mess: With Disappearance of Republican Driven De-Funding, NC Moves FURTHER Away From Law

Vicki Smith, who is Executive Director of Disability Rights, undoubtedly a 501c3 entity (nonprofit) has to adhere to certain standards----as in it cannot be partisan, or coming down on the side of one political party or another. The same is true of another organization, NC Hope, which is a mental health consumer-driven group.

Here , in Adam Linker's online post, Vicki Smith is speaking about how the Department of Justice has determined that keeping people with mental health challenges in family care homes is cruel and ridiculous. It is. I've had plenty of clients in these family care homes where the only entertainment or things to do with your life is to smoke cigarettes, watch endless re-runs on TV, and take your psychiatric meds that hammer your head to your pillow. (see page 8: Policy and Progress: NC Justice Center:

In that the Republicans are cutting Medicaid funding, does anyone really think they are going to CREATE funding for this to happen? So, you can bring lawsuit after lawsuit and even fine NC DHHS, etc. etc. etc. Until you get the Republican Party out of control at the state and federal level, nothing will happen.

Non-profit groups such as these serve useful functions, obviously. However there is a very large rogue elephant walking around in the room, disrupting all of their attempts to do anything and it is called the Republican Party. And that party is in control of the NC State Legislature at this time.

Indeed, that party is in such control that they just cut Asheville out of the District 11 map which means that next time we vote,unless the NC Democratic party wins its suit in court, we will vote with the more conservative Gastonia, NC, and have absolutely no ability to choose or keep a Democrat in the US Congress or the State Legislature.

So, talk on, non-profit groups. Until you can get the Republicans out of the catbird seat, nothing good will happen.


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