Friday, July 29, 2011

Small 'Ahem' re: Department of Justice's Federal Investigation of NC Mental Health Services, Particularly Family Care Homes:Republicans Must Go

The Department of Justice (aka 'the Feds') have, as we knew, begun an investigation of NC Mental Health Reform. The Feds, have most specifically as re: this investigation, surveyed the family care homes and the 'institutionalization' of people w/ mental health challenges in those family care homes----- of which there are many in the Asheville area.

Indeed, this psychologist has formally complained about the family care homes to the point of risking arrest by the Buncombe County Sheriff who 'accompanied' me off the campus of one family care home in Leicester, NC (I am glad to say that this home has improved and shaken its old owner; its problems remain, however, due to how rural it is, and thus isolated; so the Feds can talk on and on but unless there are mechanisms and money to put what they would like to happen into effect, well, little is going to change).

Here is that Madame Defarge matter from several years ago. I went to Buncombe DSS and had a meeting w/ the personnel at DSS and the thankfully long-gone owner, a meeting which I walked out of, as I said I would, because DSS could not keep the owner from attacking and dennigrating me:

In any case, the DOJ letter posted July 28, 2011, kindly made available by NC Mental Hope's David Cornwall is here and will not be posted by the DOJ until 10 days from July 28, 2011, on the Civil Rights webpage of the DOJ:

What this July 28, 2011 document argues is that a lawsuit will be pressed if NC DHHS does not clean up its act re: people who have mental health challenges who are interned in family care homes. Specifically, in the last part of the letter and Section E, it outlines that mental health care in NC must 'devlop sufficient supportive housing' at 'scattered sites' and 'connect to an array of services' people w/ mental health challenges and that moreover, there must be 'quality management' of those services.

Sure. Better go tell that to the Republicans who are driving all the cuts to human services.

Where does the DOJ think that these services are going to be turned up? 'Scattered site' housing': you bet. There is no more Section 8 housing available in Haywood or Buncombe county (or more coyly and correctly stated, 'there's a waiting list.')

Thus, they can talk and talk but money talks, bullshit walks----and this DOJ threatened lawsuit is therefore bullshit against the backdrop of a Congress that is being held hostage by a bunch of tea-baggers whom are giving the rest of us migraine headaches.

Or as Edgar Allen Poe said, this is all a dream within a dream. Sure, bring a lawsuit, DOJ. The little man or woman might best spend their time highlighting how the Republican agenda is to cut more services than are at this time in place.

J. J. Cale CD, "#8": "Money Talks":

"Money talks, you'd better believe it......
You'd be surprised the friends you can buy with small change...."


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